The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. When poet William Wallace wrote that line in 1865, he was probably thinking about a feminine hand guiding her offspring to maturity. In 2014, the norm has changed and that hand could be male or female and it might not belong to the birth mother. In this issue, Evince salutes all the people who are currently nurturing others through life or who have cared for youngsters in the past.

Grandmother Crystal Gregory writes about a true incident no caretaker wants to experience in Saving Charlie’s Life on page 3. In Linda Lemery’s fictional story, The Wish, she writes about encountering her deceased grandmother on a dark country road. It is so well written, readers will wonder if it might really have happened. See what you think (page 21). Diane Adkins reviews Glitter and Glue by Kelly Corrigan on page 18. Corrigan describes her father as the glitter in the family and mom as the practical, worrying realist glue. Mack Williams admits on page 20 that My Mother Taught Me to Worry. At the end of his story, readers realize that the right kind of worry can be very productive.

Celebrate the people who mothered you on Sunday, May 11. Later in the month on Memorial Day, May 26, honor local veterans. Read page 22, Remembering Dan Daniel (Park) & the Veterans Memorial, for ideas.

Enjoy the beauty of spring and May—the month of mothers and memorials.

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