Happy New Year! Have you started on that New Year’s resolution, yet? You know the one where you commit to joining the gym and promise to work out every day to lose those pesky love handles and extra weight you gained last year. Sound familiar?

Sometimes we can over commit when we have so little time in the day to go towards the things we really need to accomplish and sometimes exercise is at the bottom of this list and it never gets done. The next thing you know—boom! It’s a new year with the same resolution. How about starting 2014 with finding some balance?

Often it’s hard to add a workout to a hectic schedule. When trying to balance your workout with your busy day, don’t over commit to doing something you know you can’t do. Set realistic goals–not the goal where you lose 50 pounds in one month. First, that will take tons of dedication and loads of hard work. Second, it’s impossible. Making a resolution to be healthier in 2014 should be fun and something you look forward to each day. It should also fit into your schedule– whether it is 10 minutes or 30 minutes. I know making time for working out and trying to balance life can be overwhelming at times, but the one thing to remember is never give up. If you are tired of constantly starting over, then don’t quit! Set realistic goals each month and take it day by day. Commit to doing some type of physical activity you enjoy and just do it. Forget the fad diets and magic pills. With persistence you’ll see a difference in how you look and how you feel.

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