Much like candy hearts and paper Valentines, promises give us a warm fuzzy feeling and fill our hearts with hope. That is, until we break them.

As your Get Fit friends, we do our very best to practice what we preach on the health front. Many of you get a kick out of seeing us sip water straight from gallon jugs, or if you see us in a buffet line, you’ll ask us not to look at your plates. (Side note: We’re not judging..promise!) We take our health message very seriously and try to follow our own advice. So, you can imagine when recently I was sitting on my sofa, stuffing my face with Pringles and a wedge of cheese, I started feeling a little guilty. One personal and professional promise I’ve made is to pair a fruit or veggie with any meal or snack. Pringles and Babybel cheese? There was nary a piece of produce in sight. Suddenly, my tasty snack wasn’t quite as appealing when it dawned on me that I was breaking a promise not only to myself, but also to you.

So, I hopped up, sliced an apple, and you know what? The nutritional value of my little snack changed for the better and so did the overall taste. The sweetness of the apple perfectly complemented the saltiness of the chips and the cheese rounded off my snack in the best possible way. I enjoyed every guilt-free bite of white cheese, multigrain chips and a scrumptious red apple. Yes, and I kept my promise. It was that simple. Make realistic promises to take care of yourself by:
• eating breakfast
• drinking more water
• pairing fruits and/or veggies with whatever you eat
• standing up and moving your body every hour.

More importantly, keep those promises and share them with your loved ones, not just this month, but all year long. Stay healthy and fit, Dan River Region.

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