After 19 years of teaching elementary school, I have made a career change to join the team of educators at Sylvan Learning of Danville. I am excited to carry on my influence with children and families in the area, but now I’m in a different venue. I come from a family of educators – with three sisters and a husband in education – but I’m the first to venture into private, supplemental education services like Sylvan.

Even though I was a teacher at Westover Christian Academy in Danville, I honestly knew very little about Sylvan, other than what we all have seen on TV and online. I’m so new to Sylvan and still learning all that we do, yet I am very impressed with what Sylvan does and how we do it.

Sylvan is a perfect complement to any student’s education plan. Sylvan is meant to address academic needs that influence a student’s success in the classroom – in public school, private school, or homeschool. Whether it’s a student who’s struggling in school and worried about retention in a current grade year, or someone who’s just not challenged enough in school, Sylvan can help students at all ends of the education spectrum. I have found a highly capable group of skilled teachers at Sylvan who love to teach and help students learn.

The entire team is focused on each individual student’s needs. Sylvan has a system designed around each student and the education goals their family has, and the system works! The Sylvan Insight assessment starts the process to help us learn how that student is performing when compared to their peers and to the family’s goals. Then a personalized plan is created to teach the skills that child needs to improve and reach their goals.

What a dream for any teacher! At Sylvan our teachers work with students on each skill until they MASTER it, not just “pass” it. Every teacher can relate to how nice this system is, for inevitably the pacing of the curriculum that has to be covered over a school year forces teachers to move on to the next lesson, even though we know some students haven’t yet mastered the current lesson. Sylvan moves ahead only after the student demonstrates their mastery of the skills.

I am still learning, but I would look forward to helping any of our readers learn more about how Sylvan can help their child catch up, keep up, or get ahead! Call me today, so we can get started.

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