With the recent cold weather and 8-11 inches of snow, it may have been difficult to stay physically active. It was a beautiful sight coming down, and you probably stayed inside waiting for the sun to melt it, but staying inside is not fun. Fortunately, spring begins on Thursday, March 20, and it’s a time for you to come alive and stop hibernating. The temperature is warmer and there are no excuses for not going outside.

Here are some ways to get fit
this spring:

• Hit the trail. Lace up your sneakers and go for a brisk walk on the Riverwalk Trail.
• Bring out the bikes. Gather the family and go for a bike ride around the neighborhood or through a nearby park.
• Take a hike. Enjoy the beauty of spring with a hike on trails. Hiking also provides cardiovascular health benefits.
• Participate in a walk or run race. There are plenty of races in the area. Take time and look for more information at local gyms, Danville Parks and Recreation, the YMCA, and Evince.
• Join the Get Fit Challenge on April 4. For more information, visit Get Fit Dan River Region at 308 Craghead Street Suite 102B, call 434.770.9137, or visit

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