Got snow? As I am writing, there are about 14 inches of the glorious stuff on the ground. Some are having fun with it and some are shoveling it, but all are probably amazed at the beauty a good snowfall can bring to the world. However, for parents of young children, snow days present plenty of challenges—arranging for child care, taking unplanned days off and keeping kids active and engaged without parking them in front of the television for hours. Unbored: The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun is a wonderful book that will help every parent deal with the cries of “I’m bored” from their young ones. It’s another tool—or actually 352 pages of tools—for the parenting toolbox, made to order for bad weather and long days at home. The great thing about it is that the grown-ups will have as much fun as the child while helping with these projects.

Aimed at children from about second grade up, there are plenty of ideas that could be adapted for the kindergarten-aged set. From clapping game rhymes, making a braided bracelet, creating popsicle harmonicas, making stop-action movies to publishing a fanzine, this book seems to have something to grab the attention of even the most hard-to-please at every age.

There is definitely a do-it-yourself philosophy firmly undergirding the book. The writers want children to be responsible for themselves, using adults as resources rather than relying on them to provide entertainment every hour of the day. It’s all about being creative and finding one’s own way rather than the “right” way. Additional value is added with the interviews of people who have succeeded in creative pursuits, as well as lists such as the 10 best Car-free movies. Every page of the book is a revelation. Every page leads to fun. Don’t go through another snowstorm or holiday weekend without it.

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