When life beats you down, dress up. Put on the finest clothes you’ve got and go out with an attitude that says, “Hello World, here I come.” A well dressed you is confident and ready to face the day. The way you dress has a tendency to affect your personality and how other people perceive you. Your clothes are a statement to the world as to what you think about yourself and how you would like to be treated. Your clothes proclaim loudly who you are. Make sure your clothes are shouting the message that you are a person of value worth taking the time to know.

“A man with a good coat upon his back meets with a better reception than he who has a bad one,” wrote Samuel Johnson in 1763. So put the best coat you have upon your back and see how much better you are treated. Oscar Wilde put it this way, “With an evening coat and a white tie, anybody, even a stockbroker, can gain a reputation for being civilized.” Be concerned about your dress, but not overly concerned. “Let me be dressed fine as I will, flies, worms, and flowers, exceed me still,” wrote Isaac Watts in 1720. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Jesus said that Solomon in all of his glory was not arrayed as the lilies of the field. The lilies toil not; neither do they spin. The carefree lilies of the field are glorious in their beauty.

When you are down, dress up your thoughts by planting in your mind seeds of constructive power. After all, you will never be any better or higher than your best thoughts. Seeds of constructive power are thoughts that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, virtuous and of good report. Thoughts become what you do. Thoughts become who you are. Accentuating the positive and avoiding the negative attract good things and positive people to you. Every good thought you think makes a contribution to the ultimate result of your life.

When you are down, dress up your bookshelves with the literature of the best minds throughout the ages. Libraries give you access to a wide range of books. “In books we have the choicest thoughts of the ablest men in their best dress,” wrote John Aiken. Books nourish your mind. Books teach you how to live and encourage you to do your own thinking. “Books are lighthouses erected in the great sea of time,” said E. P. Whipple.

When you are down, dress up your environment with uplifting music. Let inspiring music wash away from your soul the dust of everyday life. Let music touch your heart. Listen to the true music of Nature—the song of the birds, the whisper of leaves, the ripple of waters upon a sandy shore, the wail of wind and sea. Music quickens time. “Music has charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak,” wrote William Congreve, 1697.

When you are down, dress up your life with the finest clothes, thoughts, books and music. They have the power to transform the dreariest day into the brightest.

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