Is 30 seconds a long time? Is 50 cents a lot of money? Is 1⁄2 mile driving distance a long way? Generally speaking, most of us would answer “No” to these questions. Now, for the final bonus question. Could you lose 1⁄2 pound in 90 days?
Of course you can, especially when you follow a simple nutrition tip each week, along with a body resistance workout developed by local trainers at zero cost to you. This is exactly what we’re recruiting everyone in the Dan River Region to do.

Evince readers, we are thrilled to announce and are asking you to join us for the Get Fit 50,000 Pound Weight Loss Challenge. If the 100,000+ people in our community lose 1⁄2 pound each, we will be well on our way to taking a healthy bite out of our hefty obesity statistics. Want to offer up more than 1⁄2 pound? We’ll take it. Here’s how:

The Challenge kicks off on Friday, April 4, and wraps
up on Friday, July 4. Visit to take the pledge and join our 50,000 pound team. Visit the webpage each Monday morning for a fresh and easy workout video created and demonstrated by one of our superstar Team Get Fit trainers and some very recognizable faces from our community. Prepare to be surprised and to have a weight and stress-busting great time. Recruit your friends and family for this interactive challenge that is sure to transform your physique, your mindset and our entire community’s overall health. It’s challenge time to stay healthy and fit, Dan River Region!

April’s Special Challenge Event:
Saturday, April 5: Downtown Danville Doggie Dance Walk. Team up with Get Fit and the Danville Humane Society and bring your favorite four-legged friend for a spirited spring stroll down Main Street at 9 a.m. Then, head over to the Danville Humane Society from 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for more fun-filled pet friendly activities.

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