A few weeks ago I shopped at Food Lion on Westover Drive. After returning home I was putting my groceries away and checking the sales receipt when I realized the prices were above what I had expected to pay.

A day or so later I took the receipt back to Food Lion so an employee could help me re-check the receipt. Upon looking at the receipt she immediately identified that the reason for the difference was that my Food Lion MVP Card had not been swiped. Without hesitation she offered to find all the items that were MVP items and re-ring them so I could receive the discount that totaled a little more than $14.00! She graciously gave me the money. This took a great deal of her time, but I had shopping to do and certainly did not mind. This associate, Tia McQueen, went far beyond the call of duty and could not have been more helpful and polite. She deserves the Outstanding Customer Service Award.

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