Welcome spring! I am so glad to see the winter that wouldn’t end finally over. I’ve missed mowing the grass, planting flowers, feeding the birds and taking Sophie, our poodle, for long walks. The sunshine feels so good and its health benefits are endless. Sophie has missed nesting in the back yard. I’m even glad to see the squirrels again. I’m thinking about hanging several more hummingbird feeders so there will be more visitors.

After the pollen settles, I’ll power wash the sidewalks and driveway. Guess I will need to clean the porch so you can sit, drink your tea and watch me to make sure that I do everything right. You could go for a walk with Sophie and me, you know. Oh boy! Your surgery is over and you can now walk up hills with me. Think about all the calories we’ll burn.

As long as we are thinking about good healthy eating and exercise, we could go to the store and select a mix of salad ingredients and eat only that for dinner. You know we’d have to skip desserts too. We wouldn’t want to go through all of the above and then consume more calories by eating pecan pie or chocolate cake. Before bedtime, we could do several reps of sit ups and deep squats to keep our joints loosened up. Yes, spring time is a time for rebirth of all of nature’s plants, animals and us. I can’t wait to see if the images of us in my mind match up to reality.



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