Are your young children or grandchildren learning about the planets and the sun in school? Or perhaps they have expressed an interest in the solar system and you’ve been looking for a way to nurture that appetite for knowledge. If so, I have a movie recommendation for you–Accidental Astronauts: An Earth Sun Moon Adventure.

This thirty-minute film made for youngsters age three to eight is perfect for them, and I think adults will enjoy it, too. Based on a book by an award-winning children’s author, this animated movie is informative and entertaining. Set sometime in the future in a sunny location, a school field trip to a science center results in two students, Annie and Cy, and their dog, Armstrong, being launched into space. Although it’s probably not a good idea to leave kids unattended near a spaceship, don’t worry, they have an excellent adventure exploring the solar system. They also have lots of fun bouncing across the surface of an asteroid, racing on the moon, and flying through a solar flare. This film is quite visually appealing and there’s plenty of humor and corny jokes so even older children will find it enjoyable.

Accidental Astronauts: An Earth Sun Moon Adventure receives a two thumbs up from me. Come see the exhibits at the Danville Science Center and check out this film before it leaves town. I think you and the youngsters will be glad you did.

Admission to the film includes a Live Sky presentation immediately after the film. A very knowledgeable DSC staff member displays and explains the local night sky. This is a very impressive sight broadcast across the forty-foot dome theater.

Show times and prices vary. For more information, call 434-791-5160 or visit or 677 Craghead Street. You do not have to be a DSC member to attend movies.

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