Milestones tell us where we are on life’s journey. They report how far we’ve come and how far we have to go to reach our destination. A 2010 Saveur magazine listed a few milestones for California wines:

1770s: Spanish missionaries plant California’s first grapes and use them to make sacramental wine.
1976: A blind tasting of new-world cabernets and chardonnays against red Bordeaux and white Burgundies is organized. It’s assumed the nine French judges will vote French. The results shock the world. California wines top both the red and white causing a figurative earthquake in the wine world. California wine popularity and prestige skyrocket. This is the subject of the great wine movie, Bottle Shock.

Virginia has its wine milestones too:

1820s:Wines made from Native American grapes meet with great success.
1873:A Virginia Norton wine is named “best red wine of all nations” at the Vienna World’s Fair.
1920-1933: Prohibition promptly brings wine making to a standstill. The industry is slow to bounce back.
1995: Virginia has 46 wineries.
2018:Virginia surpasses 280+ wineries. Only California, New York, Oregon and Washington State have more wineries than Virginia.
2014:The first combined winery and brewery opens in Virginia—Danville’s 2 Witches.

Most of us celebrate life’s milestones with Champagne or sparkling wine. But what about those times between milestones? I have a “between-the-milestones” wine in mind. It is called Milestone. Imagine that! This California Cabernet Sauvignon is inexpensive and “jammy”. Wine experts are not fond of that. Think of a PB&J sandwich with an abundance of jam, but jam that is not overly sweet.

When you sip this wine, please toast the memory of Delly Eastwood of Keeling who had the 1800’s historic mile marker stone pictured here placed at its original location, 14917 Old Richmond Road, where VA 360 and VA 701 intersect. Cheers!

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