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Print Ads:

Technical Specifications

85 line screen (grayscale and halftones)
Negatives (if supplied) must be right reading, emulsion down
Professionally produced camera-ready art is acceptable

Full Page: 10″x13.25″ (3/4″ margin all around)
3/4-Page: 7.5″ wide X 13.25″ tall
1/2-Page: Vertical- 4.75″x13.25″ ; Horizontal- 10″x6.5″
1/4-Page: Vertical-2.25″x13.25″; Standard- 4.75″x6.5″
1/8-Page: Vertical-2.25″x6.5″; Horizontal- 4.75″x3.125″

Print Ad Deadlines:

12th of the month to reserve space for the next issue
15th of the month for camera-ready ads