The Man and Events Behind Evince
by Emyl Jenkins

Evince’s journey from the twinkle in Larry Oldham’s eye to the birth of the first issue began in 1975.Larry had moved to Danville to manage Stereo Village in Riverside Shopping Center and Ballou Park Shopping Center. He saw the need for a newspaper that would have mass appeal and encourage citizens to become more involved in the arts. Twenty years later circumstances brought together four talented people with the necessary skills to make the dream become reality.
“In order to be successful, you have to put strong people around you who know what they are doing,” Larry says and then lists the founding partners of Evince. Linda Buford laid out the newspaper; Danny Vaden designed the ads; and Rick Barker joined Larry in selling advertising. “We wanted advertisers to care about the arts,” he says explaining that it was important for all to share the same vision of promoting arts and special events for the entire community.
They had the skills, but, “We didn’t have a name for the paper in the beginning,” Larry recalls. It was Danny Vaden who suggested Evince, which means to show, make clear, or support. “We all immediately liked it because it sounded like the word events, which is what we were about,” he recalls.
From its first issue in 1996, Evince has become a mainstay of the region. But, as Tennyson wrote, “the old order changeth,” and these days Larry is the sales manager rather than the owner. Bob Sexton and Emyl Jenkins owned the paper, first in part, and then in full from late 1998 until Scott Brooks purchased it in 2008. What hasn’t changed is the spirit behind Evince and its mission to showcase Danville and the region’s great talent, culture, and uniqueness that make Southern Virginia a special place.
Over the years the advertisers, writers, and readers have worked together to create a strong voice that supports the arts, culture, education, entertainment, economic development, and even racing—VIR (Virginia International Raceway) has helped bring new people with new vision to our region like no other single factor.
In the tradition begun by Larry Oldham, Evince continues.